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Shoaib Akhtar: PSL owners to sell their franchises

PSL owners to sell their franchises: Shoaib Akhtar

PSL owners to sell their franchises: Shoaib Akhtar

Amidst the Coronavirus situation, no cricket is being held and the cricket boards are suffering financially. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) was going in its full swing until the global pandemic brought disruption in its ways.

The league was remaining with three matches; two semifinals and a final but it got canceled indefinitely amidst the outbreak. Till yet, there are no news when the league will continue. Being in its fifth season, the league was supposed to generate higher revenues but now will be suffering badly.

Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistani bowler, revealed that some owners of the PSL franchises are thinking of selling their franchises and they have already set offers.

He also disclosed that there can be no PSL for at least sixteen-eighteen months in the midst of the Coronavirus.

PSL owners to sell their franchises: Shoaib Akhtar

“I know some people wouldn’t like to hear this but some owners are looking to sell their franchises. I would be more than happy to provide financial and non-monetary support to keep the PSL alive and to thrive. I think if we do the math, the PSL can’t be held before 16 to 18 months. The World Cup will also take probably after eight months because time is needed for the Coronavirus issue to settle down,” Shoaib Akhtar said while speaking on a television show as quoted by Hindustan Times.

“The thing is if there is no proper cricket until say September, how can the PSL be held in four months? I don’t think the board can ask for money from the franchisees in this situation. As far as I know, some franchises are already ready to sell their brand. They have offers,” Akhtar claimed. “I will make sure that the PSL thrives and stays alive and it gets big brands to make progress,” he added.

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