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IPL 2020 could be organized out of India: BCCI

IPL could be organized out of India: BCCI

IPL could be organized out of India: BCCI

Arun Dhumal, the treasurer of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) thinks IPL could be moved out of India amidst the Coronavirus situation.

IPL could be organized out of India: BCCI

Concerning the safety of the players, the treasurer of BCCI speaks it as their first priority, however, the worst situation scenario can make BCCI organize the cash-rich league out of India in the possible window.

“If it is safe for our players to play IPL in India, then it would be our first preference but in case the situation does not permit and we are not left with any choice and a window is available then we can look at moving IPL 2020 out of India,” Dhumal was quoted as saying in an exclusive interview with Times Now.

Arun revived the time when BCCI held the cash-rich at South Africa in the midst of the Lok Sabha elections in India. He has compared the past with the present and thinks the Coronavirus pandemic can force them to move IPL out of the nation.

Earlier, UAE and Sri Lanka proposed India to organize the cash-rich league at their countries, Arun thinks Sri Lanka can be okay and also mentioned no country is free from the Coronavirus. He says moving the Indian T20 league out of India will be unwillingly as the first choice is to give India the rights.

“We have done it in the past in South Africa. We may not want to do it willingly but if that’s the only possibility then there is not much anyone can do about it,

“No country is safe from the Covid-19 pandemic so it’s not going to be easy if we decided to shift IPL out of the country and take players to Sri Lanka, Dubai, or South Africa. The situation is almost the same everywhere, international travel restrictions are also a problem.

“Sri Lanka was okay but in the last couple of days cases have risen there so problems are there, we need to deal with them,” he added.


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