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Aqib Javed: Den of the match-fixing mafia is in India

Aqib Javed: Den of the match-fixing mafia is in India

Aqib Javed: Den of the match-fixing mafia is in India

The ex-Pakistani fast bowler, Aqib Javed, thinks that the den of the match-fixing mafia is in India. He has made a really big statement this time as he earlier vocalized his voice-over match-fixing issues.

Aqib Javed has earlier made several comments over India and cricket relevant issues that have dragged him under hot waters. This time, he has passed a comment on the match-fixing issue saying that its mafia lays in India which can again be the reason for the fire of hate on social media.

He says that IPL got no questions raised over it. Indians shall know and accept that the biggest culprits exist among them and fix the matches on a very large scale.

Aqib Javed: Den of the match-fixing mafia is in India

“Questions have been raised about the IPL and I think the den of this match-fixing mafia in India. Those who blow the whistle against match-fixers hurt their own careers,” Aaqib told a television channel.

Keeping under consideration the inner politics of Pakistan’s board, PCB, he thinks that PCB shall not give another opportunity to the culprits.

“These things encourage those who have been involved with match-fixing,” he said.

He also discussed the threats he used to receive when he denied his involvement in the match-fixing offered by teammates back when he used to play.

“The team had great potential back then and yet they were seen underperforming in many events, including the Singer Cup,” the former player said.

Aqib notably was a brilliant paceman. He hasn’t got brilliant stats but his pace was exceptional. He also became the youngest bowler to grab an ODI hat-trick. When Aqib Javed was 19 years old, he recorded a feat of becoming the youngest man to do so, against their arch-rivals, India.

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