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Shoaib Akhtar willing to coach fast bowlers of any country

Shoaib Akhtar willing to coach fast bowlers of any country

Shoaib Akhtar willing to coach fast bowlers of any country

Shoaib Akhtar, the ex-paceman from Pakistan, has presented his wish to coach the fast bowlers of any country including India.

In an interview, Shoaib said that if he receives an offer from the neighboring country, India, he will receive the offer and is ready to coach their fast bowlers.

Shoaib’s goal is to distribute his knowledge among others as he had retired in 2011 from his career. He wants to prepare fast bowlers like him who can tackle any batsmen no matter what country they belong to. He says that he also wants to coach the fast bowlers of the Indian Premier League (IPL) if they offer him. However, the Indian government banned Pakistanis from the cash-rich league earlier.

When the presenter for the Helo app said India, Akhtar replied: “I will definitely… My job is to spread knowledge. What I have learned is knowledge and I will spread it.”

Akhtar, who was known as the Rawalpindi Express in his playing days, said: “I will produce more aggressive, fast and more talkative bowlers than the current ones, who will tell-off the batsmen in a way that you will enjoy a lot.”

Earlier, he presented an idea of Indo-Pak bilateral series over which he faced heavy criticism from India. He wanted to organize a bilateral series among both countries to raise the Coronavirus funds.

Indians have also neglected his idea of being a coach to their fast bowlers. The political tensions have crossfire cricket and fans see each other as their enemies. The spirit of cricket has been destroyed and they are not ready to bear each other. Last time when India and Pakistan faced each other in a bilateral series was back in 2012-13 in the ODI series.

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