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Rana Naveed reveals why players underperformed

Rana Naveed reveals why player underperformed

Rana Naveed reveals why player underperformed

The former Pakistani bowler, Rana Naveed, has recently revealed that why he and his fellow underperformed under Younis Khan’s captaincy.

Rana said that he and the co never wanted Younis to be the skipper. He also cleared that it was for our personal interests and it can’t be count as a rebellion against him.

Players wanted to be the captain but in 2009, during Pakistan vs New Zeland three-match ODI series, players performed really well including Rana Naveed so the management after dissatisfaction can remove Younis from the captaincy.

We lost two ODI matches because some of the players involved deliberately did not play well and I sat out that tour. I did not play because I had told Younis that there was a conspiracy against him and that I was also a part of that plot,” Rana said.

“This was not a rebellion against Younis Khan. He was a good cricketer so there were no issues except when he became captain, he became a different person.”

“Some seniors, I won’t name names, may have had aspirations of being captains themselves and got us involved in this whole affair to further their aims. We were about seven to eight people involved in this.”

Rana Naveed reveals why players underperformed

“We were all called into a room and took an oath of allegiance. There were some big names of Pakistan cricket in that room and if I mention those names they will get angry with me,” he said.

“They said that they did not want him to be removed wanted the PCB chairman to reason with Younis as he did not take the advice of senior and did what he felt like doing.”

“I went along with this thinking that if this is the only matter and the PCB chairman tells him that, then I don’t have an issue with this,” he concluded.

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