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Umar Akmal neglect revealing the details in two meetings: PCB

Umar Akmal neglect revealing the details in two meetings: PCB

Umar Akmal neglect revealing the details in two meetings: PCB

A source from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that in the two meetings, Umar Akmal did not disclose what was queried to him in the two meetings and neglected clearly to the questions raised by the panel.

Umar Akmal when questioned by the suspected bookies of PCB disciplinary’s panel, denied revealing the details against his charges.

Consequently, the batsman got banned from all forms of cricket for the next three years. PCB has imposed a ban on him after he denied revealing the queries.

A source from the board said that he accepted what he did but did not clarify the suspects and specifics of the meetings.

“Akmal acted very strangely. On one hand, he admits he should have reported the meetings to the PCB but yet refuses to give any details of what was discussed at these meetings.”

“Akmal claims both these gentlemen met him at parties thrown by friends in DHA. But he has refused to even tell the Anti-Corruption officials what was discussed at these meetings,” the source said.

“Even when the Anti-Corruption officials first presented their report to him on the night between 19 and 20 February in Karachi, Akmal admitted he committed a mistake by not reporting the meetings to them but refrained from giving any details,” the source said.

“He refused to cooperate with the disciplinary panel judge who advised him to come clean and cooperate with the inquiry,” the source said.

Umar’s involvement in conspiracy activities and unwanted doings have always dragged him in hot waters. He has involved himself in many activities that people became forceful to consider him as a culprit. He has been indulged in breaking the anti-corruption code of conduct and sometimes misbehave wither with the coach or trainee. However, recently, an ex-chairman of the board has revealed that the batsman was suffering from epilepsy which became the reason for him to involve in such activities.

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