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Suresh Raina removed from CSK Whatsapp group

Suresh Raina removed from CSK Whatsapp group

Suresh Raina removed from CSK Whatsapp group

The veteran player of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Suresh Raina, has been removed from the CSK Whatsapp group after he parted ways to unite with his family suffering from a tragedy in India.

Suresh Raina removed from CSK Whatsapp group

criticized for leaving the camp in the middle. Some comments from the owner were also disturbing and taunting until Raina told him the real reason which sorted out the fume.

However, the player might return to Dubai and it has not been finalized yet but with the statements he made, it has been speculated that the batsman is looking forward to a return.

After the owner came to find out the real reason told by Raina personally, he seems to calm and the fumes are much lesser than before. Srinivasan said that Raina’s return will be up to MS Dhoni’s choice as to if he wants, he will be playing.

“I’ve been training even while quarantining here. You never know you might see me in the camp there again,” Raina told Cricbuzz.

Also, it might be a massive blow for CSK as already, more than ten contestants of Dhoni’s leading side has been tested COVID-19 positive and are under isolation. However, another test gave all COVID-19 negative results. Now, one more test will decide the fate of the Yellow Army before featuring into the practice matches.

The side is given more time for its wellbeing as revealed by one of BCCI’s officials and might miss on the initial matches.

On the other hand, the cash-rich T20 league is all set to be commenced by 19th March. For the reason after what the CSK camp witnessed, the formal schedule is yet to be announced.

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