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Back to back blows for CSK: A friend reveals the reason why Harbhajan Singh is no more part

Back to back blows for CSK: Harbhajan Singh no more part

Back to back blows for CSK: Harbhajan Singh no more part

One of the closely related friends of Harbhajan Singh has revealed the reason for Harbhajan’s parting ways in the midst with Chennai Super Kings (CSK). He has uttered that cash is the last thing when you got an awaited family apart for a few months. His friend also cleared the confusions saying that the rising CSK COVID-19 cases were not the warning for him.

As a few believe the older informal reports declaring the spinner might part ways with the Yellow Army after thirteen cases have been reported at once, the speculations are now clear.

Back to back blows for CSK: Harbhajan Singh no more part

“It wasn’t about the COVID cases in the Chennai camp. But if you have a wife and toddler staying in India for three months, your mind will be diverted and you can’t fully focus on the game. Then it doesn’t matter whether you get two crore or 20 crores. Money is last on your mind,” a friend of the player was quoted as saying in Cricket Next.

“I will not be playing IPL this year due to personal reasons. These are difficult times and I would expect some privacy as I spend time with my family. CSK management has been extremely supportive and I wish them a great IPL Stay safe and Jai Hind,” Harbhajan had said.

It might be serious trouble for Dhoni’s commanding side as earlier, Suresh Raina, has also departed for India after his family suffered a serious tragedy. With the rising cases and the main players leaving in midways, nothing else could hit more to Srinivasan’s owning franchise.

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