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Sourav Ganguly: No chances for cricket matches in India

Sourav Ganguly: No chances for cricket matches in India


Sourav Ganguly, the president of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) sees no cricket in India in the near future as a consequence of the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has brought the sports activities to a major halt. Cricket among India has been badly affected. Indian Premier League (IPL), the world’s biggest and cash-rich T20 was all set to go ahead in its thirteenth season. The health crisis across the Earth terminated it even before kicking it off.

With the further extension in lockdown in India amid Coronavirus outbreak, a full stop has been posted in front of cricket matches for an indefinite period of time.

Sourav Ganguly has clearly stated that he is seeing no cricket for a longer time span as no one knows when the crisis would end up. He said that he does not believe in sports when there is a risk to human life.

“The social reality of Germany and India are different, there will be no cricket in India in the near future. There are too many ifs and buts involved. More importantly, I don’t believe in the sport when there is a risk to human life,” Ganguly was quoted as saying in The Times of India (TOI).

Along Sourav, no one in the world can analyze when the situation will get better. Coronavirus was unexpected, in a similar way, lockdown duration extension is unexpected. It has flopped every happening may it be sports, businesses, or economies etc. When the situation will get better, the cricket authorities will lookup for the possible windows available for the cancelled series, tournaments and the leagues in India and across the globe as well.

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