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Dennis posted sarcastically: Meet my two dogs named as Gautam and Gambhir

Meet my two dogs named as Gautam and Gambhir

Meet my two dogs named as Gautam and Gambhir

Dennis, a cricket enthusiast and a sarcastic man who makes memes about the players you love, is always known to burn Indians commenting hilariously on Indian players.

Recently, he has taken a dig on Gautam Gambhir sarcastically and posted on his social media comparing his two dogs to Gautam Gambhir.

He has chosen Gautam and Gambhir as the names of his two pet dogs and revealed on the social platforms to the fans.

“Meet my dogs.

One is named Gautam.

The other is named Gambhir” 

Wrote the Australian sarcastic cricket freak.

Seems like he has sworn to God that he will never leave Indians in peace and will keep on trolling him. Earlier, he posted an image of a bucket with holes under an opened water tap and writing a caption over it that I will stop making fun of Indians once this gets fill.


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