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Rashid Latif: Match-fixing offence can jail many PCB’s officials

Rashid Latif: Match-fixing offence can jail many PCB's officials

Rashid Latif: Match-fixing offense can jail many PCB’s officials

Match-fixing in recent times has troubled Pakistan Cricket badly. Many of the culprits have come to the spotlight. Umar Akmal is the recently opened case that has attracted the attention of many. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has handed over a ban of three-years to him. Since then, he won’t be able to play any form of the game.

Rashid Latif, the former Pakistani wicket-keeper, has revealed the hidden truths about the board. He revealed how racism exists and how they ignore the scandals of those who meant something special to them. Rashid said that he has years-old videos that he cannot reveal because it might create controversies for Pakistan.

Rashid says that there are such culprits in the board who can be behind the bars of the jail if once, match-fixing becomes an offense in Pakistan.

“There is a history of how match-fixing inquiry reports are manipulated. The authority can do whatever they want. This is why we talk about making new rules, about making this a criminal act. The majority of the PCB officials would be seen behind bars if this becomes criminalized.  Then we will find out who is actually corrupt,” Rashid Latif was quoted as saying by Cricket Pakistan.

“The players that people are naming such as Mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Nawaz, do you know when they reported the cases and why? How many of them have still not reported? I have videos from the past as well. I don’t want to go into the details of it as it will create a very big controversy in Pakistan,” the 51-year-old further said.

“Everyone is being misguided. This is because most people are not aware of what happened on the night of February 8, 2017, or what happened during the match on February 9, how their phones were brought to Pakistan and opened on February 12, how a statement was taken on February 17? How the bats and their grips were cleaned?” Rashid Latif added.

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