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Ramiz Raja suggests using lie detectors to catch match-fixing

Ramiz Raja suggests using lie detectors to catch match-fixing

Ramiz Raja suggests using lie detectors to catch match-fixing

Match-fixing has been the part of almost every cricket board. Culprits and match-fixers who involve themselves in match-fixing scandals are found in every country’s cricket. A few of them get proven guilty whereas, a few are saved by favoritism or lack of detection.

Recently, Shafiqullah Shafaq of Afghanistan has been banned by the board for six years after his involvement in breaching ACB’s codes of conduct.

Ramiz Raja, the Pakistani commentators, has suggested using the lie detector to identify the lies and the fixers who involved themselves in match-fixing scandals. His statement came after Shafiqullah’s ban came to light.

Ramiz thinks there isn’t another way to catch the culprits and the detectors won’t tell a lie. He thinks that as instruments and tools are used to test the Coronavirus, similarly, such instruments like lie detectors shall be used to identify match-fixing men.

“I wish there was an instrument to calculate this intention, just like the temperature taking tools being used for the Covid-19. We could easily red flag players who could go on to become fixers. A lie-detector test could be used,” Raja was quoted as saying in a YouTube video, reported by Cricket Pakistan.

“Just as random samples are taken for dope testing, we should also conduct random lie-detector tests. We should do that in a regular-season to find out if players have ever been involved in match-fixing. This is an outside-the-box idea,” he stated.

Ramiz Raja suggests using lie detectors to identify match-fixing

“The solution to this problem is very confusing. We have rules, laws, regulations, and player education programs but if a player is intent on fixing then no one can stop them. Fixers can usually attack in two important parts of a career. They can attack at the end of someone’s career because they have nothing to lose,” he added.

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