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Cricket Australia announce its new budgeting schedule, lay offs on the agenda

Cricket Australia announces its new budgeting schedule, layoffs on the agenda in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis

Cricket Australia announces its new budgeting schedule, layoffs on the agenda amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus has brought the Earth and its specifications and activities to a standstill. Economies, businesses, sports, and in fact, every minor thing has been affected. Cricket, being one of the significant and lovable game, has been influenced adversely due to the lockdown across the globe amid Coronavirus outbreak.

Amidst the Coronavirus situation, no cricket is being held, and the cricket boards are suffering financially.  The financial disturbance is depriving them of paying their players the regular amount. Another choice to reduce expenditure is layoffs.

Cricket Australia (CA) has decided to reduce forty redundancies, and there will be a 14% reduction in the payment along with laying off.

AMong 40 layings off staff, the batting coach Graeme Hick is also included, which indeed is a sad situation, and Earl Eddings did not give further clarification on their losing job.

Cricket Australia announces its new budgeting schedule, layoffs on the agenda during the Coronavirus crisis.

“We recognize that this is a difficult time for Cricket Australia employees, particularly for those staff members affected by these redundancies and their families,” CA chairman Earl Eddings said in a statement.

 There will still be painful decisions for some parts of our organization. Nevertheless, we have worked hard to carefully develop plans to protect our investment in community cricket and high-performance cricket while ensuring the game’s financial sustainability.

“However, our responsibility is clear: to navigate a path for cricket through this period of uncertainty and disruption to ensure we come out the other side sustainable in the short term and prosperous in a long time.

“With increasing clarity about the impact of COVID-19, we have managed the financial impact on our organization, our people, our partners, and players,” Eddings further revealed.

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