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Hope he’s paying: Ellyse Perry to Murali’s date proposal

Hope he's paying: Ellyse Perry to Murali's date proposal

Hope he’s paying: Ellyse Perry to Murali’s date proposal

Ellyse Perry is a prominent name from Australia Women Cricket Team. She was the captain of the Australia women team during the world cup but her injury swiped her down and she was not able to play even. However, the team managed to win in the end.

After the Women’s world cup, the Coronavirus pandemic has halted every cricketing activity. The tournaments, leagues, and series either got postponed or got called off amid the global crisis. The lockdown restricted every player to sit home vacantly. With no activity to do, they are enjoying their time with families or holding live sessions on Instagram to chat with friends.

Hope he’s paying: Ellyse Perry to Murali’s date proposal

Many Indian cricketers in recent days organized the live session on Instagram with their fans such as Virat Kohli, Mohammad Kaif, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, etc. An opener, Murali Vijay, in a session revealed that Ellyse Perry is so beautiful and he wants a dinner date with her. He also mentioned that Shikhar Dhawan can be a participant too to translate in Hindi.

“Ellyse Perry. I want to have dinner with her. She is so beautiful. And Shikhar Dhawan any day. He is a fun guy. Just that he will speak Hindi and I will be conversing in Tamil,” Vijay had said.

Elysse Perry, who at the time is enjoying vacations with family in Melbourne, in a session with Rhidima Pathak says that hope so he will pay in his reply.

 “I hope he’s paying. That’s very kind of him. I’m flattered,” 

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