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Cricketers opinions on Umar Akmal’s three years ban

Cricketers opinions on Umar Akmal's three years ban

Cricketers opinions on Umar Akmal’s three years ban

Umar Akmal has caught a spotlight in recent times for his controversies and unwanted acts. He has diffused into the acts that are supposed to be avoided by any respectful player. He is in actual a talent who has wasted his own career by creating such scenarios.

Sometimes, breaching code of conduct of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and then not submitting the charges against him, sometimes harsh driving, parties without informing the board, harsh comments on the coach or blaming them falsely, being sent home from Champions Trophy’s tour, brawling, involving in an incident with Junaid Khan and much more have deprived him of his career.

A few cricketing figures, however, think that it was a bit harsh on him for banning him for straight three years and the rest of them think that justice has been done and the board has given him what he deserved. A few also compare him to Amir and Sharjeel that if they were given a chance after their ban then why not Umar?

The PCB counsel, Tazafful Rizvi thinks that Umar Akmal deserves the longer ban, and what the board has done to him is truly right. He further said that Umar kept on asking PCB not to drag the matter while he always failed to submit the charges against him.

“He was repeatedly attempting to justify his folly. His reply was confused, he neither accepted his position nor denied it. He did admit the questionable incidents, yet was offering frivolous justifications for non-reporting. When you admit the violation, you leave yourself to the mercy of the tribunal.

“This three-year ban on the basis of non-reporting is considered appropriate. The PCB was asking for a stiffer sentence. It’s high time that duration of the ban should be increased because it’s very clear that players are not learning the lessons as much as they should have,” Tafazzul Rizvi further said.

The former Pakistani wicket-keeper, Rashid Latif has demanded a lifetime ban for Umar Akmal instead of only a three-year ban.

“The three-year ban for Umar Akmal is very short; it would end in a jiff. He should have been banned for life,” Latif is quoted as saying in Daily Express.

“I have said this before. This menace will not stop until there is legislation on it and match-fixing is made a criminal offense. This way the PCB will not have to deal with individual cases. The penal code would take care of these issues itself,” he said.

Whereas, Indian cricketer, Harsha Bhogle, termed Umar as a wasted talent who was capable but let his career destroy by his own hands.

“To our east and to our west, I saw two extraordinary talents. Mohammad Ashraful and Umar Akmal,” he tweeted.

“It is who you are and what you make of your talent that determines how far you go. Talent by itself is so so inadequate.”

However, Javed Miandad who earlier said that culprits and match-fixers shall be hanged, this time said that he tried his level best to talk with Umar and explained him to change.

“He was a very good cricketer but he got involved in unnecessary controversies. I had told him many times to change himself but he didn’t listen to anyone. Today, the result is in front of everyone, he got banned for three years,” he said.

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