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India tour of South Africa looks impossible: BCCI

India tour of South Africa looks impossible: BCCI

India tour of South Africa looks impossible: BCCI

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) wishes to play a three-match T20 series in South Africa with the home side but the situation doesn’t seem to be in favor. Consequently, one of the BCCI officials has stated that looking for the window of August might not be possible amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The world has been brought to a halt by the global health pandemic, Coronavirus. Around 3 lakhs have been reported the death. Every activity has been paused amidst the deadly disease.

The sports scenarios, especially cricket, have equally been troubled. Many leagues, series, tours, and tournaments have been either called-off or postponed and there is no permanent official saying regarding commencing cricket ahead with the proper flow.

India tour of South Africa looks impossible: BCCI

The official stressed saying that the fitness level of players would be badly adverse if they directly step towards international cricket, hence, training is necessary. He thinks that after being quarantines for 50-60 days, fitness level must have been drab.

“See! This is not really possible Fitness training is one thing and training with the bat and ball is a completely different thing. We have guys who haven’t touched a bat or ball in a training environment in the last 50-60 days. How do you expect them to go out and play international matches?

“Yes, they have been doing their best to keep their fitness level up to the mark set by our trainers, but batting and bowling sessions will be needed,” he said according to the quint.

He maintained discussing if August will be impossible, both boards will have their eyes on the window which will be vacant and easy to go with mutually for CSA and BCCI.

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