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Opinion: If RCB loses tonight, Team India shall go for Rohit Sharma as a skipper

Opinion: If RCB loses tonight, Shall team India look for Rohit Sharma as a skipper?

Opinion: If RCB loses tonight, Shall team India go for Rohit Sharma as a skipper?

Virat Kohli is known to be an aggressive batsman and of the finest skippers, India has ever produced. His stats brilliancy defines his potent and for the reason, he is known across the globe. Taking over MS Dhoni’s captaincy role for Team India back in 2014 for the red-ball format, Virat later became the skipper for limited-overs as well as Dhoni stepped down as a captain in 2017.

Since then, he has bloomed as a batsman and taken his team to heights but there have been severe and several occasions where Kohli has failed as a skipper when the teams required the most of his captaincy.

Majorly in the final stages of any ICC event or may it be the Indian Premier League (IPL), Kohli has failed on multiple occasions as a skipper.

Discussing IPL, his team, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has been into playoffs and finals many times but are yet to win their maiden title. Have you ever thought that what is the reason behind his failure despite being successful throughout any specific event?

On the other hand, considering his failures in the ICC big events where the must-win games despite being outstanding throughout the tournaments’ tenures were lost be India, here are a few of the matches listed:

India vs New Zealand: World Cup 2019, semi-final

India vs Pakistan: Champions Trophy 2017, final

India vs Australia: World Cup 2015, semi-final

In short, despite being known as the successful captain with high winning-rates, he has never clinched the ICC trophies and is also to claim the IPL title yet.

Opinion: If RCB loses tonight, Team India shall look for Rohit Sharma as a skipper

On the other hand, the vice-captain of the India Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma’s performances have been incredible. On analyzing his captaincy in IPL, he is the most successful skipper IPL that has ever produced with four titles – more than any franchise. Six playoffs, five finals, and four cups, Sharma’s men are once again in the final in IPL 2020 looking forward to grabbing their fifth trophy.

The difference that lays in between is Kohli is often judged to rotate his bowlers to an extent that is not needed which causes an ultimate failure. The scenario is well-noticed in the ongoing season of IPL where he has not supremely used his bowlers and lacks in utilizing the dead-overs bowlers when needed. On the other hand, Sharma looks like a master in this scenario as his bowlers have been successful so far – why not taking the example of toe-crusher Bumrah?

There is a huge question mark in front of the statement that why Kohli and why not Rohit? On a comparison digging out from IPL, Kohli is so far to impress the witnesses whereas, Sharma is four wins ahead of him. Do you think it is the right time for the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) to look for another skipper?

Opinion: If RCB loses tonight, Team India shall look for Rohit Sharma as a skipper

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