Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL 2021: Here is the new format

IPL 2021: Here is the new format

IPL 2021: Here is the new format

The thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) has just ended a few days back and the world is ready to witness the IPL 2021.

Recently, the news is circulating that the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) are all set to approve the addition of the ninth and tenth IPL team by the fourteenth edition of the tournament.

The request to add two new teams is old now and the Tatas and Adani groups have shown their interest in new IPL franchises and the BCCI and the governing council are to meet to approve the agenda.

Earlier, the reports disclosed following some unrevealed issues, the tenth franchise will be invented by IPL 2022 but the sources are privy to two teams as of now at once by IPL 2021.

IPL 2021: Here is the new format

It is not the first time that ten teams will compete with each other in the tournament. However, the league can be really long adding ten teams. So, the management has decided to change the format a bit by IPL 2021.

In the new season, the ten teams will b divided into groups of two and every two groups will be competing with each other each team playing fourteen robin round games.

It is also said that the existing franchises are against the addition of two new franchises as they will have less time to prepare for the mega-auction. Notably, if the two new teams will be added, there will be no mini-auction.

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