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Brett Lee: Virat Kohli can surpass the records of Sachin Tendulkar

Brett Lee: Virat Kohli can surpass the records of Sachin Tendulkar

Brett Lee: Virat Kohli can surpass the records of Sachin Tendulkar

The Australian cricketer, Brett Lee, thinks that Virat Kohli is such a fantastic batsman who can break the records of Sachin Tendulkar as well.

Sachin is called as the God of Cricket. As he has retired now and Virat works passionately on runs scoring, Brett thinks Kohli can go for breaking the prior records 0f Tendulkar.

Kohli has his life and years ahead to go for breaking the prior records and Sachin plays no more so it won’t be problematic for a batsman like Kohli to break the records of God of Cricket.

Not any batsmen have gone for more than 29,000 runs across all formats but Sachin did. Kohli has reached a milestone of 21,901 runs in 416 matches since his debut in 2008.

“We are talking about phenomenal numbers here, so you mentioned seven to eight years of cricket and at the rate [Kohli] is going, yes, he can definitely knock it off,” former Australian bowler Lee said on Star Sports.

“It comes down to three things, there is one thing I would like to eliminate – so, you talk about talent as a batsman, he’s definitely got that talent, eliminate that first and foremost.

“Then fitness – Virat Kohli has got that fitness, so for me, it is all about fitness at the age of 30 and also that mental strength, the mental capacity to get through those hard times, being away from home, from his wife, or when they will have children.

“He will do it easily with his talent, it comes down to his mental strength and if he stays fit enough and I believe he has got all those three components to go past Sachin.”

Kohli currently has a higher one-day international average – 59.33 to Tendulkar’s 44.83 – and his Test number is similar – 53.62 to 53.78 – while the 31-year-old averages above 50 in Twenty20 cricket, too.”

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