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BCCI launches an application: Players can work/train from home

BCCI launches an application: Players can work from home

BCCI launches an application: Players can work from home

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) have introduced a “Work from Home” application by which the players can be accessible to watch individual and teams performances, frequent injury causes, skill-specific duels, and etc.

The Indian players can get benefitted by the usage of this app amidst the Coronavirus lockdown as there is no cricket since months. The board has taken this unique step to train players physically and mentally by sitting at their homes.

BCCI introduces ‘work from home’ app amid Coronavirus for players

The aim of the Indian Cricket Board is to provide chat rooms, questionnaires, and discussion forums where players can accommodate with each other and the top-level management in order to get their issues solved. BCCI is looking forward to providing physical activity to their players amidst the lockdown. Online training sessions will also be the part of  “Work from Home” app and the coaches, players, support staff can get along.

Arun Dhumal, the BCCI treasurer has explained the working of the app. “It’s a step-wise process that’s been put in place and the secretary (Jay Shah) is reviewing the progress on a daily basis,” BCCI treasurer told The Times of India. “What we’ve tried to do is divide this process into different phases. Aspects pertaining to the physical and mental health of our cricketers, professional assistance online, monitoring of diets, fitness sessions etc are being conducted on a daily basis.”

The Indian batting coach, Vikram Rathour, sees it as an opportunity that is rare.

“It’s a rare opportunity to introspect,” Rathour was quoted as saying by the English daily. “It is the players who are doing the talking. I’m trying to listen and work around the topics that are being brought up. We have an app. We’ve started to put videos in that app. Simple things about facing a certain kind of bowler or foot movement, any particular way a batsman has been getting out, what’s worked for him what hasn’t,” he explained.

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